I'm covering about 600 miles roundtrip of I-40 between Wed 8-29 and Wed 9-5. I have some dove hunting planned in there, but also intend to make stops in there for squirrel hunting, possibly early season duck along the way.

If anyone wants to connect along the way, here is what I have. Open availability is in bold. I'm not necessarily looking for bag limits, just hitting different spots, hunting with different folks, and eating game meat the whole time. Shotguns or .22s, it can be your call.

Wed 8-29, am: Squirrel. Hatchie. Could use a partner
Wed 8-29, pm: Squirrel. Percy Priest

Thur 8-30, am: Squirrel. Private land, Nashville
Thur 8-30, pm: Squirrel. private land, Crossville

Fri 8 -31, am: Not sure yet
Fri 8-31 pm: Squirrel. Catoosa.

Sat 9-1: Dove. Cookeville TN
Sun 9-2: Dove. Cookeville TN
Mon 9-3: Dove. Cookeville TN

Tue 9-4 pm: Nashville area for a duck, dove or squirrel PM hunt?
Wed 9-5 pm: Nashville area or anywhere between Nashville and Memphis, PM duck, dove or squirrel hunt?
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