Hey all - I am a first time poster on TnDeer and really appreciate you experienced folks helping us rookies out. As someone who is new to duck hunting, your opinions and tips are just invaluable.

I am fixing to learn to duck hunt and I like the advice of finding a guide for my first trip. Does anyone have any solid recommendations for a guide on Kentucky Lake this season? My buddy and I are both experienced shooters, we just never got around to learning how to hunt ducks. I want to make sure I enjoy hunting them before I invest in all the necessary decoys, calls, blinds, etc.

Also, does anybody know of a non-toxic ammo type that will shoot out of a full choke without damaging it? I would love to use my old wingmaster my first time hunting duck (sentimental reasons, of course), but I've heard mixed reviews on whether a fixed full choke will work for duck hunting. I realize it isn't ideal, but I'm wondering if it can be done without damaging the gun.

Thanks in advance for your help!