I got a call Friday night from a couple buddies asking me if I could come up and fish a "new" river with them on Saturday. Since the wife was out of town and I wouldn't have to burn a yard pass so close to my elk hunt, I told them I'd be on my way. I left the house at dark thirty Saturday and met them at the dam around 10.

Right off the bat, Chris had one on and boated.

The view was great

Wasn't long before Chris had another

We caught a bunch of fish. I usually lose count of how many fish I caught ater 3, but I'm guessing I caught between 20-30. None had any real size to them, but they were alot of fun to catch.

Me, myself, and I with a decent one.

One of the bad things about being the one who always brings the nice camera is that I never get my picture taken with one. And it's like pulling teeth to get someone else to work the camera.

Paul wanted in on the picture taking also.

He even got tired of showing off and posed with a small one.

This will be one river I'll definatelly return to.