I have been looking at the CZs hard the last few months, particular the CZ 452 Amercian .22lr and the CZ 453 American .22lr (per several members recommendations over the last few years)

Question here: if you were in the market to purchase ONE CZ rifle today to strictly be used for squirrel hunting, and your budget for the gun was $500 or thereabouts (I have been saving a while now), which model would it be, as well as specifics (bbl length, magazine capacity, trigger weight, longs/shorts, etc) and why? I have used a shotgun my entire life but Redblood and Hillbilly Hunter have inspired me over the last few years to take the leap and get after'em with a rifle. Any and all advice and suggestions you offer up will be greatly appreciated. Anyone can chime in with other suggestions as well. Thanks in advance everyone.
Andy S.

If I had saved all the money I spent on hunting, I'd spend it on hunting.