I try to post this every yr. with all my obligations i am a little late this go around. My passion for squirrel huntingbhas always been strong. From my first 2 squirrels, a pair of fox squirrels, from the same crooked hickory in an island woodlot- i was hooked. However it was an article I read in the early 1990's in my high school library, that truly fueled my addiction. It appeared in the TN Sportsman (i believe) and it was entitled TN'S Toughest Limit. in the article, the author stated that a one hunt limit of 10 squirrels was not only a challenge but it was toughest feat in all of volunteer state hunting. to do it with a rimfire, bordered on impossible. The desire to prove the authors notion false, fueled me to be a better hunter and rig myself with better equipment. I came close many times before reaching my goal on mid september morning, my freshman yr of college. since this time, my love of squirrel hunting has increased each yr. 20+ LIMITS later, i still feel like that kid with an ol marlin 39 carbine. And you can bet that i will be under a hickory tree somewhere. I hope u will too

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"I will predator hunt for food "