My 14 year old son and myself hit the water this morning before daylight for our run to our favorite Rockfish waters. I never fish Saturdays and was a little aprehensive knowing there would be lots of other people on the water and I really dont like fishing in crowds. I had to wait on two other people just to launch my boat which has never happened to me in this place before. Luckily, they weren't heading to the same spot I was and we started with the place to ourselves. Started slow with just a few lookers but I switched to my gold Redfin (had been using bone colored) and just as I see a boat coming into view, I hookup with the 28 pounder pictured here. It was 3 guys drifting live shad. They were right behind my son with the camera drifting by as this pic was being taken. I was getting the serious stink eye as they went by and I was releasing it back into the water. My son waved and asked how they were doing and they just kind of looked at him like he was crazy. Some folks just ain't friendly I guess. Anyway, I managed to put 5 fish total in the boat weighing 28, 17, 12, 12, 9 lbs respectively. Unfortunately my son didn't hook up today. He is coming along and has caught some fish but today wasn't his day. Riding back to the ramp we passed probably 6-7 boats all drifting shad. Im sure fishing that way is fun but I find it hard to believe it could be more exciting than cranking shallow running redfin lures and watching the fish attack it on the surface. Love these big Rockfish!


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