I have a friend from LA who is in town for a week's worth of work (Elvis related) and she had a hit list of Memphis food to hit for every night of the week (Gus', Central, Payne's, BBQ shop etc) and wanted me to dish up my best plate of squirrel for Thursday night. So, beginning on Monday, I dug out the last few squirrels I had in the freezer (thankfully, the season opens agin next week) with the intentions of doing a variation on my Southwestern Squirrel . I started with a simple brine of dissolved salt, sugar, garlic, pepper, cayenne, ancho chili, and 2 dried hatch chilis. I let the squirrel sit in the brine for 2 days. Bear in mind, I have found that the typical brine of a 1 to 4 salt to water ratio is way too much for squirrel. You are best to use more like a quarter cup of salt and let it brine for 24 to 48 hours rather then use concentrated salt and a brine of a few hours.

Next, I whipped up a marinade of Hatch Chili "salsa" (though, it not technically salsa as there are no tomatoes, only peppers and seeds -vert hot!!!), olive oil, salt, juice of 2 limes, and honey. I marinaded the squirrel for another 2 days. Given the acidity of the marinade, any longer would not be advisable. Through trial and error, I have found that a Squirrel that has been brined and then marinaded (in a true marinade of salt, fat and acid) is extremely "limp", where squirrel other wise tends to be a very rigid carcass.

Following this, I skewered the squirrels, per my usual roasting method, brushed them in a bast of melted butter, cayenne, Chili power, Ancho chili, Chipotle, smoked salt, and sugar. I placed them on the grill for about 5 minutes on each side, all the while basting them:

I then wrapped them in foil and set them to the side for about 20 minutes. During this lull my friend prepared his FIRST PLACE MEMPHIS BBQ COMPETITION Exotic Category, "Rat Bastards", which are bacon wrapped jalepenos stuffed with cream cheese and mangos.

Note, this dish is TAFKAP's arch nemesis, as it defeated his team this year, and he is bitter about it. Suck it up, TAFKAP:

I also grilled up some of the TN Deer Talk "Grilled Okra" that has been so popular lately. Thanks to StrutandRut-good stuff.

The aftermath:

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