A few months back I thought why in the world do I have 6 .50s with a 1-48" twist when about all I shoot is my .54 Renegade and the same gun with a .40 caliber GM barrel. So I sold off a T/C Hawken, New Englander, Tree Hawk, and a Cabela's Hawken carbine. Bought a barely used Renegade .54 with a tang mounted sight and a Cabela's Hawken .54 flintlock, big booming fun with both.

Then I came across a barely used .50 Renegade for $80 and well you just can't turn down a good deal like that now can you... Last night I bought a kinda roughly treated .50 Renegade for $75 it'll probably wind up as a project gun or used for spare parts. Stock has some scratches and I spent an hour cleaning rust and dried up bore butter out of the barrel. Dreary today or I'd have taken it out and shot it to see how it does.

Here I am with 11 muzzleloaders again, hope the wife doesn't start counting...
Never let the people with all the money and the people with all the guns be the same people.