Just wanting to see what everyone.s opinion is on why they no longer exist. I have heard from TWRA and other experts that it;s habitat loss. BULL To show my age i remember when everyone had a couple Bird Dogs and it was possible to leave the house walking and kill a limit. Places i hunted 30-40 years ago still look the same today as they did then. I'm talking 5-600 acre farms planted in corn beans and briars. Catoosa and Chuck Swan used to have plenty of Birds never had to go that far though. The Habitat there sure hasn't changed and Birds can no longer hunted at Chuck Swan. In my opinion which is just that there has to be some disease or something that caused the birds to become sterile.There is plenty of good habitat left with zero birds With all the Deer hunters planting food plots etc there should be a covey in every plot ( i wish ) Whats your opinion Thanks