finally found that perfect deal on craigslist and got the trailer from a guy in Lebanon for $150. It's a Tennessee trailer, white paint with some surface rust, new bearings, good winch and jack, spare tire, working lights (they don't work on my truck though - need to re-do grounding wire) It looks to be a good fit for my 14 ft jon boat. Now I can put that 5 horse on there and hit the water. Just have to finish repairing some small leaks in my boat with some 3M sealant, let it cure and then the boat should be ready to be on the water again.

man if any of you have looked on craigslist for a specific item at a specific budget... maybe you know what it's like. I went for a few weeks checking several times a day for my jon boat, and the same thing now for the trailer. But it has paid off as I have gotten good deals on used stuff that gets me on the water.