Waded 3.5 miles of a Mid. TN stream with a buddy all day yesterday. Started around sunrise and got the the take out in mid-afternoon. Dropped my friend and gear off at the downstream end, drove the truck to the upstream end and rode my bike 3 miles back to the put-in, locked bike to a tree in the woods, then we waded upstream fishing only with one type of lure for the entire trip. The lure is not a big secret but not everyone uses them and I won't say it was.... all I will say is it's a quality over quantity lure and neither I nor my friend caught tons of fish, but most of them were 12 inches or bigger.

I think I caught 12 or 13 bass but am not good at keeping count.

These are some of the nicer ones I caught.

First fish - also biggest - 16.25 inches. Should have seen the water boil when I cast into that little pocket. 2 other fish followed it in. Buddy hooked one and it got off.

A double -

Another double, before I quit bass fishing and started carp fishing -

At the upstream end there is a great carp hole loaded with carp. I chummed with corn, and between my buddy and I we had 5 lines in the water and fished till midnight. Only got a few runs, every cast hit a snag, broke off a few times, and the only carp landed was one tiny 2 or 3 lb'er that my buddy caught that didn't manage to swim under a limb. I had no idea there were so many snags down there. Gonna have to find another spot to cast into that hole where there aren't so many dang trees under the water. You can't see them either, you just snag them. Also a beaver and otter came in at night and I think that slowed the bite down and scared some carp off. Too many good carp in there not to fish there again. Also saw the white carp again. Based on its behavior it might be a koi but i want to catch it anyway.

That's all for now. Hope yall enjoyed the pics. I love wading for bass especially smallmouth, although I did get a bit tired of it by the end of the trip and was ready to relax, build a camp fire and fish for carp by the end of the day.