I asked about this over on the TWRA forum here and it was confirmed. I had heard rumors of this around the last week of July. This comes as a bit of a surprise because it was so sudden...no meetings or open forums about it. What is worse about it, is that most of the reasons they give in this article are false. I know there had been some complaints from people up near Townsend by people looking for gold up there...particularly the kayaker crowd. This is just my thoughts about it...I think one of the kayak folks was probably sticking his or her nose into somebody's business and decided that they didn't like what the gold prospector was doing...and either worked for an organization for the environment or knew somebody that did...and got the backing behind getting dredging banned. I do know there were several environmental groups behind it.

I'm telling you folks....it's getting to the point you aren't going to be able to do ANYTHING anymore. There's somebody trying to get everything made illegal. I rather enjoy looking for gold and such...we had rules and regulations we had to abide by and for the most part, everybody followed those rules.