I'd love to have a Yamaha Rhino or Polaris Ranger and have been looking at them on craigslist, LSN, and anywhere else I can see them. Think it would be great around the house and in 99.9% of hunting situations. I have a 99 Honda Fourtrax 4x4 300 that I bought new 13 years ago and it's as strong today as they day I brought it home. She doesn't get used much at all. I'm torn between selling it and buying a UTV or just keeping it. I can't afford to keep it and buy one or that's what I'd do. I don't NEED a UTV for sure as the Honda has served me well but I sure would LIKE to have one as it would be easier hauling my son and I with our gear. So out of curiosity what would you do? Sell the 4-wheeler and buy a UTV or keep the 4-wheeler until such time I can by a UTV outright?
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.