Well, after trying to find a good deal on a newer bow - and failing - I pulled out the Browning Wasp I bought a couple years back that I have never shot. My arrows were doing all sorts of stuff in flight so I did some research and found Stu Millers spreadsheet. Using the spine calculator with the carbon arrows I have and realized I needed around 175 grain field points/broadheads to reach the sweet spot to match the bow.

So I got everything on order, including some new feather fletchings and a jig, and I am committed to shooting the recurve. I'm still practicing every day with the arrows and points I got. At 15 yards I can consistently hit a volleyball sized target, which isnt great but alot better than my first day of shooting it.

I'm excited to get proficient with it and hopefully to get one on the ground this year with a recurve!
Any time you can get out to hunt, is a good day to hunt.