I run into a lot of people that seem to think it is legal to look for and pick arrowheads up off the TVA river banks and such.


Thought I'd post this link up to show I ain't kidding about this stuff! When they passed the ARPA as law, it made it illegal to do so on govt owned land...and TVA land IS govt land. You can't dig for artifacts, dive for artifacts, or even pick one up if you were walking down the bank fishing, and saw one laying there. If it's on TVA land or govt owned land, it is protected. They will hit you with the same misdemeanor fine that they would if you were to go to Gettysburg Ntl Battlefield and start metal detecting.

BE CAREFUL out there folks. I love finding relics but it seems like every hobby that I enjoy, that someone is trying to put an end to people doing them. PETA wants us to not be able to hunt and fish, and the Archies don't want people looking for relics that aren't Archies.