There is something happening in my yard that I do not understand. In two places there are circles of dead grass. One is about 15/20 feet in diameter and the other is about 8/10. The grass slowly dies and is gone in a couple of years. Only bare soil and a little moss left. The circles are more like rings about a foot or two in width. The interior of the circles are not changed, healthy grass. Just the strip around the circumference. The circles are in part shade on a slight hill and fairly close to a tree line. Been there a few years and nothing grows in the rings.
I have not used fert--chemicals--ar anything that I can think of that would cause them. I know about designs in crops in England and such Et's but this ifs for real.
Any of you guys dealing with growing thins got any ideas. We live on several acres--have a garden---5 food plots---and about 7 acres we mow so we are not greenhorns---I don't think. Just puzzled. Thanks for your help.
I made a couple of pictures but can not post pic on here .
Paul Westport-Yuma Tn
On the banks of the Big Sandy River and Maple Creek