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BSK, Im curious. What trail camera do YOU use?

While white-flash was the only option, I switched exclusively to homebrews due to the exceptional picture quality they offered. However, once black-flash became an option, I started buying Reconyx black-flash and Uway NT50B units. I still love Reconyx, but their cost is very prohibitive. I've been experiencing some longevity problems with the NT50Bs, in that none last more than 18 months.

Currently, after reviewing all of the black-flash options for 2012, I'm looking at the DLC Covert Extreme Black 60 and the Uway VH200B. I like the extra flash power of the Covert and Covert's reputation for reliability/longevity, but I like the image quality of the VH200B better, and I like their ability to plug in a flash extender.
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