Wanted to start this thread to see what other ideas everyone has to save some green.
Here are a few of mine.
Shop Goodwill - good for used clothes and misc items. Wed and Sunday are $1 sale on clothes, sometimes you can find brand new items. First Sat of month its half off on everything in store.

Toothpaste - after my wife wont use the tube anymore, I flatten the tubes down as tight as possible, then cut the tube open completely. I can usually get about a weeks more use out of it.

Tires - I usually buy used tires off CL or the like, attempting to find an unused spare someone has left over in near perfect shape. Usually can find these for $30 - $50 each. Im obviously not worried about them matching perfectly, and of course these must be safe for use. (I do usually buy the family vehicles new sets though, on sale through costco)

Costco Membership - (Sams is prob sim) I go ahead and spring every year for the Costco membership that pays a % back on purchases. As I commute an hour each way every day, my gas costs are pretty high. Sometimes the gas is cheaper here, sometimes not (I shop the price before going out just for gas) But on the year, the payback more than pays for the membership. Also buying some of the everyday items will save you overall, though it is in bulk.

TnDeer thoughts/comments ?
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