i am really happy to say after reading all of you'll post on doing gun projects i really wanted to do something. So being the hustler i am and having a low budget i managed to come across a pretty rough savage 110 in 270 caliber. its going to take a lot of work i'm not going to try anything fancy just a new synthenic stock maybe some kind of comoufladge. i want the whole thing scope and all painted want to do all of the work myself. the first thing is to give it a good cleaning because when i say rough i mean rough. a buddy of mine found it in the woods against a tree just like someone left it there and must have been a long time because the stock had started to lean toward the tree if you can picture what i am saying. never the less the barrel and bolt looks like i can save them we will see. here are some pictures notice he cut the stock and made it a pistol grip and he has shot it several times so its safe. i can't wait to get started wish me luck and i will be asking questions.