The neighbor has been asking for help in getting rid of a family of ground hogs destroying his garden. We have seen atleast 3 young hogs and 2 adults. One of the groundhogs actually burrowed into his house and was living in his basement/den. That one was caught by live trap.

But the older hogs have been quite elusive. Today while on groundhog patrol perched in my covered shooting location, a large hog came out @ 70 yards from under a stack of firewood. It was in the neighbors yard and was quickly crawling to a ditch that connects the 2 yards, the target would soon be behind cover.

I quickly adjusted the scope focus to 70 yards zoom to 11 power, third mil-dot down holdover I squeeze off the trigger. INstead of a resounding thump, I hear a distant thud and the hog reels around clawing at its right front shoulder and disappears into the ditch.

A few seconds later a groundhog appear's on a rock pile in the ditch 52 yards away perched broadside. With a quick push of the bolt , I am reloaded focus to 50yd, 2 mil-dot holdover aimimg for the neck. pfft the airgun silently send a pellet downrange and a resounding thump follow's. The groundhog succumbs to 1 shot of the Silent death of my .22 cal Marauder.

There is only 1 Absolute.