Got the Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 in today that I ordered, and let me tell you...Bottomless is a GREAT name! This bag has more storage and you could imagine! There are compartments everywhere. If you are like me when you go hunting it looks like you are moving out of the house.. :oops: Well I can fit every single thing I take on a trip in this bag and still have room. The bottom boot compartment is sweeeeet! It even has room let over down there for more stuff. If you change into your gear and boots once you get to your spot you will love the built in fold out changing mat that has it's own compartment in the front. No more wet socks and twigs in your boots from changing on the ground. It has a removeable front bag that you can take with you to the stand and latch around the tree also. 8D Straps are like you find on safety harness. It is soooo well built. Just couldn't be happier. If you have any questions let me know. they are also available if just the Watson Airlock logo for you guys that don't shoot a Mathews. Here is a link
Bag with my Helim

Front bag detached and ready to go to the stand.

back of bag with big compartments.

My vortexs in 1 backside compartment.

bottom boot compartment.

Foldout mat.

Super nice bag!