Well it was a tough season but it ended on a good note! I went Friday morning and spotted two longbeards from a distance. My brother (ddgonehntn on here) hasnít killed one this year so I thought this would be a perfect chance for a double. So I snuck out of there and left them alone. Sunday morning we decided to set up in two different ground blinds since it was raining. The ridge these birds were roosting on only has two easy ways off it. So I set up on one path and dd covered the other. If they were on the ridge this morning, surely one of us would get a shot! I set out Killer B and a hen decoy and got set up. At 7 a.m. I heard two gobbles. I couldnít pinpoint where he was at but I was pretty sure he was on the ridge. At 8:30 a.m. I am kicked back just listening to the rain pepper the blind. Almost comfy enough to take a nap! \:D ThenÖ BOOM! Hot Dog! DD done shot him one! Thatís what I was thinking! Then my phone starts ringing and itís dd.
(me) Hello?

(dd) Hey, those two gobblers came in with a hen. I finally got a shot on em but I think I missed. They scattered and I think one is headed your way.

(me) Ok. You sure you missed?

(dd) IdkÖ One ran up in the woods and I heard a little flopping. That could have been him dying.

(me) Ok. What are you gonna do?

(dd) Iím gonna hop out and go see if he is laying up there.

(me) alrighty.

A few minutes go by and he rings againÖ

(me) Yeah?

(dd) Hey, thereís a gobbler headed across the flat to you. Be ready! Bye! Ö. Click

(me) Well that was short and sweet! lol \:D

I grabbed the mossy and started watching the flat. So hereís how Iím set up. My blind is off in a hole and about 50 yards directly in front of me is a cut bank about 20 feet tall. Said bank has a steep road on the left and it leads up on top to what we call the flat. So about 30 seconds go by and here he comes with the afterburners on! He gets halfway across and spots Killer! He stops dead in his tracks, puffs up for a second, then folds back down and kicks it back in overdrive! Im sitting there thinkingÖ what the heck was that all about? It all happened so fast I didnít have time to even think about a shot and it was a little far for my liking! So Iím thinking, do I sit and wait or run and try to kill him? Ah screw it! Itís the last day of season! So I jump up and stumble around trying to squeeze out the blind window. I finally fall halfway out and go sprinting up the road! \:D Now up on the flat is a 4wheeler trail that splits into two trails and create a Y with a little strip of woods in between the two. I thought, he will be on one of those trails and Iíll send him a present! I get to the top and shoulder the mossy! I jump to see the first trail andÖ. Nothing! I hop over to see down the second trail andÖ. Nothing!!! What the crap! Heís got to be here! Then I hear him flopping in the woods between the two trails. I jump back over to see up the first trail and there he is! This is where it gets crazy! I throw up to shoot and he ducks back off to the second trail. So I follow! As soon as he popped out I went to squeeze the trigger but he turns again and heads back to the first trail! Now why in the world this bird just didnít pick a straight line and run away is beyond me, but anyway, we did this twice before he finally popped out on the first trail and started to run away from me! Finally! I threw the gun up and blasted him! He did a somersault and landed with his feet in the air! Woohoo! Get you some of that bird!!! I went back down and helped dd look for his bird but after an hour we came to the conclusion that he had missed him and the flopping he heard was the bird taking off in flight. It would have been 10x better if we had doubled but it was still a great morning and an awesome way to end the 2012 turkey season!
21 pounds
9 inch beard
1 1/4 inch hooks!
Mossberg 500 with Truglo Gobble Stopper choke and Win Supreme 3in 6s

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