Spring 2012 turned out to be the best season that I can remember. This year I was able to hunt some new farms, and all of them produced longbeards for my friends and family. I had never killed a turkey with more than one beard until this year. On opening day I killed a double beard, and a few days later I killed a triple beard.
Triple beard story- One morning I had two birds gobbling and coming to the call. I shot the first one that came in, and after I shot, the other one gobbled. He was still a little ways off and on the other side of a little rise. I got up and went to pick up the bird I had just shot. As soon as I reached down to pick up the dead bird, the other one gobbled and was really close. Luckily there was a big tree next to me that allowed me to kneel down beside it. The other tom walked up to about 35 or 40 yards and I could tell it looked like it had a really long and thick beard. He finally walked off gobbling the whole time he left. A couple days later I went back in and set up close to where he came in the first time. It didn't take long before he came in took a dirt nap. I was shocked when I walked up to him and saw his beards. He ended up having an 11,9, and 8 1/4 inch beards and weighed 23 lbs with 1 1/8 spurs.

Team M.I.A.