I am new to archery and am looking at starting with a xbow. I also have some girls that want to learn. So my problem is money as i have not won the lotery yet so i need to get some bows. I was looking at getting one or two cheap bows to teach the girls to see if they will like shooting. I know they love to shoot guns like thousands of rounds but they will need a lot of practice. I have found some xbows that are 150 lb that are in the $100 range will these work for training basic's also could they hunt with them? The 2nd question is I have seen some bows under 300 some are compound others are not is that matter? The last question is there any meetings that you all get together? I live in Murfreesboro and would love to talk to some experienced people. I will also be looking at info to start rifle and black powder hunting. I have not hunted for years kinda quite when they started getting too commercialized where i use to live. I noticed here you have a lot of public land to hunt so I am looking to start again.