First, I was super blessed to have a great turkey season and bag my limit and have a new stash of memories I won't forget. So I am very happy about that, but you know how it is... I'm gonna miss those trips down to the WMA to chase those birds, and the 2 day hunts where I stayed in the car overnight, finding new places to hunt and what not. Starting to sink in now... gotta wait almost a whole year now for it to happen again. Yes I will fall hunt... got 2 goals set, which are 4 birds in one shot (far fetched I know), and to bag a fall gobbler. But it ain't the same and I'll be gearing up for deer season. Funny thing is, during deer season I was obsessed with deer and I didn't care too much for turkeys because I knew I would when spring came. And this spring I haven't cared for deer at all, except when I found a couple of sheds. Funny how it works. Now it's that post-season withdrawal that is tough to go through. I am super pumped to go fishing but can't help but wish I were still turkey hunting.