Sitting out here having not seen or heard anything so I'm easing through the woods and see a coyote. Not close enough to shoot so I squeak at him with my mouth call but no luck. I ease on up to the wood's edge and sit down. I open up tndeer to see if anything is happening when I hear something just to my right. Now I'm sitting with a bunch of scrub brush around but that's when i see him literally 10' away. Him is a skunk I had to scare off with a rock just the other week in the same area about 60 yards away. He was coming straight toward my foot so I jumped up and ran about 10-15 yards and turned back. He was standing their with his tail up ready for battle. Turns out he was not match for Hevi Shot Mag Blends. I didn't want to waste a $5 shell on a skunk but didn't want to be sprayed either. I dang near had a heart attack
If it ain't broke, don't fix it.