I've had an awesome turkey season! I'm thankful that I have the health, the hunting properties, an understanding wife, and the Lord who provides it all so that I can chase these crazy birds every year. I have an old cell phone that takes terrible pictures, so sorry I'm not posting the pics. As I made my way out of the woods this morning with my final bird I realized...I was able to watch 8 birds die this year!

Bird One and Two: Opening day with my brother. We doubled on two nice birds. His had a 9 3/4 in beard and 1 inch spurs and mine had a 10 inch beard and 1 inch spurs.

Bird Three: Took a guy who had never killed a turkey. Called in a jake and he shot it at 15 yards. Dude was tore up and I could not stop smiling.

Bird Four: I killed a nice double beard before work by getting between him and his hens. After some soft tree talk, he pitched off the roost and I shot him about a minute after his feet hit the ground. 9 in beard, 5 in beard and 1 1/8 in spurs.

Bird Five: Took my brother in law who has never killed a deer or a turkey. We worked the bird for about an hour before we put the sneak on him and it did the trick. When the bird finally died my brother in law let out a loud barbarian type roar that I could not help but laugh at. What an exciting thing to watch a guy get his first kill! 11 inch beard and 1 1/4 spurs.

Bird 6: I killed my second bird of the year before work. He hung up at 60 yards and I "fanned" my first turkey ever to get him on the ground at 35 yards. 8 3/4 in beard 7/8 spurs.

Bird 7: My other brother ( the yougest) had not killed a bird since he was 12 ( he is now 18). We called in some jakes early and he just could not get the bead on them. After a new set-up and about 45 min of blind calling a longbeard came into our decoys and he smoked him at 20 yards. Stud! 20 lbs 11 in beard and 1 7/16 in hooks!

Bird 8: After several weeks of trying to finish up I went this morning before work thinking it may be my final outing. Bird was roosted at the end of a ridge and gobbling well. I got in tight at about 80 yards or so. He pitched down and flew to about 100 yards away. Hens were roosted about 40 yards behind me so I did not even call for the majority of the time. I did some soft scratching in the leaves, and he would hammer but would just not come closer. I had to leave for work by 6:45 so at 6:30 I began sneaking his way with my B-mobile fan up. It got really quiet and I was thinking I was going to have to give up when I let out a kee-kee on my mouth call and he hammered even closer. At six fourty, I was about to have to leave this stubborn, gobbling bird when he flew up in a tree to get a better look at me ( the undergrowth was thick). He was about 50 yards or so on the limb and I had had all I could take! 9 in rope inch and 3/8 spurs.

- Ok Catman, you're not alone now in shooting one out of a tree!
"...Christ in you, the hope of glory"
Colossians 1:27