Had a great hunt today. skipped another morning from work and went to this public spot I had been having a good bit of fun at. decided to get agressive and went to the swamp edge where they had been roosting. well of course he was roosted 30 yds behind me. I knew he was going to go to the field so
i jumped up and slipped around to get closer. was not sure which tree he was in so I just sat down in some tall weeds. he goobled at 20 yds. I yelped a couple of times and he started jumping from limb to limb to try to find me. well a few hens flew down on the private field and he followed. Got up and cut around the other side of the field and saw 2 puffed up and 4 or 5 hens. then had about 3 more stories to tell but will skip to the end. watched this guy in the field 100 yds away and called him over to the public side. took about 30 minutes for him to work through the tall grass and shot him at 25 yds after jumping up and over the barbed wire fence. 1 inch spurs 9 in beard. just under 18 pounds. 3 birds in 2 1/2 weeks on public land that I understand was getting hammered in the early season. now pretty much had it to my self.

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