These Toms have a regular strutting area on an old growth hilltop with no underbrush. Too open to get in close and they hang up at 60yds.
This morning I set up in their zone and gave some light clucks to a roosted Tom. He dropped out of the tree, but didn't come in from the direction I thought (with 30-40yd shooting range.)
He popped up at 20yds on my right. When his head was behind a tree, I moved the barrel. He saw me and flew off.
I left the area without trying to get him back or look for him.

So, bottom line: Can I go back to this spot tomorrow or do turkeys remember when they have been startled and move to another location for a while?
I only have tomorrow and Sunday available left to hunt. \:\(
To a deer, every human is a stump.
To a turkey, every stump is a human.