Saturday was my day!

This bird has been eluding me for over three weeks and he just kept playing with me day in day out. So, Saturday morning I got into the woods very early and waited until I heard him gobble. I saw him come out into a field (7am) and I stayed put and called a little. You could tell he heard me because he’d swell up and gobble my direction. He started my way but, it seemed like forever because he was strutting on and off so much. Once he got about 100yrds or so he went into this tall grass and disappeared………….Then, here came the rain. As it rained, he stayed quiet and I thought he had just laid down to wait out the rain. Then he gobbled not 30yrds from me on my left behind some brush. I set up and he came out from behind brush in full strut and just kept coming right to me. 8am……BOOM! Just bagged my first Turkey!

22 lbs, 10.5” beard, 1.25” spurs

Now, he’s on his way for a full mount……….. Any favorite positions on having these birds mounted?

"Few things are more rewarding than fetching your supper from the wild before most have cracked their eyelids"

~~Mathews Solocam Switchback Xt~~