A couple of days ago I went to a property I've hunted before for deer and squirrels. I have seen turkeys there at times, but not many. I'd went there to try and sight in my rifles.

The thing that happened to my other two spots happened there! They have been working on the property. My prime spot has been disrupted by the neighbors building fences. I haven't seen or heard a turkey there since the fence building began.

My other spot has been screwed up by construction! What are the odds? \:\( Since the bulldozers started working nearby the turkeys have abandoned the area. \:\(

The good thing about the bushhogging is I'm sure they are used to that since it only lasted probably a day.

Sure enough I decided to see if there were any there late in the afternoon on Sunday. As I drove onto the property I saw a tail-gobbler! I got out of the car and tried to get close. As I came around the bend he was already gone, but I saw another bird! I raised my gun, flicked off the safety and then put it back on-HEN. \:\(

I can't decide whether to try hunting it early in the morning or just go back late in the day again. Any veteran advice?