I`m traveling to Wright City MO. tomorrow. A shooting buddy lives here and has done several 600 and 1000 yd matches up there has met a guy who is doing some metalwork for him that lives near the St Louis Benchrest Club, where the 1000 yd matches are held. He wants me to go as a companion to pick up the metalwork and told me to bring my rifles, that we could shoot an hour or so at the 1000 yd range. I kinda jumped at the chance. I have 1000 yd targets or we can shoot at the gong to see if I can get any hits. Oh, the gong is a 7 inch circle, same size as the 10 ring. Ought to be fun. I`m taking the Lt rifle chambered in the 6-47 Lapua 8" twist, shooting 115 grain Sierras at 3038 fps. This load is shooting in the high 2`s for me for 5 shots at 100 yds. ES has been from 5.7 fps to other days it has been as high as 21 fps.
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