We just got in from KS and NE this morning so I figured I would post a few pics and a few details before I get to catching up on things around the house today.

We arrived in KS last Sunday around 10 or so and it was raining and the wind was blowing hard. We had all been up all night, but all still got in the woods around 12 after we were shown around where we could hunt. I headed out to a huge bottom down on a nice sized river and actually worked a bird that I walked up on in the rain and could hear him drummming. He was in some cedars with me and at times was in shotgun range but he would never show himself for a shot. He got very close, but never gobbled and after a couple hours moved off and I never found him again. I found another bird and messed with him for the rest of the day, but he was having none of leaving his hens for me.

On my first morning I had my buddies drop me off at a farm that had a big cattle lot on it and some good trees. As soon as they pulled off I could hear birds gobbled back towards the lot and headed that way. To make a long story short I set up pretty good on them, called thier hens to me and smoked the strutter at about 30 yards before the sun ever came up. He had a good set of spurs at 1 1/4"

That afternoon I went back to the same bottom that I had been in the evening before and called a hen in and two good birds that tried to give me the slip and circle me. I guess they didn't know that you can't circle behind a nitro. \:\) He had an 11 3/4" thick rope. That ended me up in KS.

The hunting and birds in KS was tough. The birds had been hunted extremely hard all year, shot at, called to a bunch, and spooked alot. They were as skittish as any public land birds I have ever hunted and were on private land.

We made it to NE on Wednesday and a buddy and I tag teamed the birds there all day long and finally closed the deal on a good bird late that afternoon. He was a sharp spurred old bird that got his pecker rearranged by a load of Nitro's.

The farm we hunted in NE was loaded with birds, but we could never get birds to commit all the way for whatever reason and we pulled out all the stops and I mean all of them. We called in somewhere in the range of 10-15 birds in 2 days that would come from several hundred yards and be closing gobbling good and then just shut up at 100-200 yards and never show up at all. The next time you would hear then 30 minutes to an hour later they would be a few hundred yards off again. Frustrating but a very fun 2 days in NE to end our trip. We made some new connections for deer and turkey hunting for the future up there that will be awesome.

A few "other" pics.

cotton woods makin it snow

groundhog in a tree, new to me. It was about 15' up, we figured a yote must have ran it up there.

Their deer are big too.

He couldn't tote the new mouth calls I built up.