I just have to say first and foremost that I think Hendo needs to find the place with the highest altitude on earth and live there for the next 6 months!

I like the fight. Its the one that makes the most sense for Jones right now. I like Henderson but I don't give him as much chance as I gave Rashad Evans.

If he can get Jones tied up against the cage in the first few minutes of the 1st round and dirty box him and catch him with a couple of big right hands then maybe he can affect Jones' cardio just enough that it levels the playing field. But, if he doesn't I don't see him getting past 3 rounds.

Furthermore, IMO -- The UFC is quickly losing its window to make a super fight between GSP, Silva, Jones or some combination of the three. It will be a major goof on their part if they don't make one of these fights when it matters most.