Ok, I am asking for some help from my fellow hunters. Some of you know me and others dont yet but for those that do you know i would ask unless i felt it was needed!

I have fell short of my goal the past 3 years and have not posted this to TNdeer until now. I know people are in tough times but so are great organizations like AGAPE. Please just read below and if you are able to help AWESOME! If not no worries. As it says you can do it all online in the links provided below or you can just let me know what you are willing to give and send me your address.

Yes this is a golf tourny and so far it has been an great way to raise money of the years. Last year alone they raised over 200k in this fundraiser alone which is beyond fantastic.

I wanted to start this with friends and family as you are the ones I can always count on! (yes that is laying on a guilt trip).

I have committed myself this year to help raise money for an organization named AGAPE. Agape is the greek word for "unconditional love". As a Christ-centered, faith-based agency, their work is all about providing life-changing answers, solutions, services and hope to anyone who comes to them in need. Their goal is to impact those they serve in a positive way through the power of agape love.

Since 1967, AGAPE has been serving the needs of children and families through adoption, foster care, unplanned pregnancy counseling and a complete outpatient mental health counseling service. More than 200 children and young adults in Middle TN will recieve help from AGAPE during 2009. A significant portion of those served will be children who are considered difficult to place for adoption because of their age, or because they have brothers and sisters. When the majority of these children come to AGAPE, they are many times leaving behind lives of abuse, neglect, violence or family instability. AGAPE's commitment to these children is unconditional.

I have chosen this organization to support this year due to my history in working with children in foster care and those who come from abusive homes. My goal is to raise $2,000 and turn in all my pledges by May 22rd . I am asking for donations of any amount as every dollar counts in these tough economic times. Unfortunately in times like this, the needs for organizations such as AGAPE tend to increase in the community while donations and funding tend to decrease. Any amount that you can give will be deeply appreciated by the children that AGAPE serves as well as myself. You do not have to send a check now, you can commit to a pledge and AGAPE will send you a letter and a return envelope to send a check. At this time I only need the amount you are willing to give and your home address.

Also you can lean more by going to the following website http://www.agapekidsclassic.com

If you are willing to donate you can do it one of three ways.
1. You can just give me a check made out to AGAPE in the amount you wish to give
2. You can just tell me the amount you are willing to pledge and supply your address and Agape will send a return envelope for you to return the check in.
3. You can donate online at http://www.agapekidsclassic.com and then select SPONSOR A GOLFER and supply my name with the amount you wish to pledge. All online donations are fully secure.

If you wish to send a check in the mail PM me and i will give you my address

Jaymie Reynolds.

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