I got a call from the gunshop today saying my trigger job was finished. I'm excitedly anticipating holding, shouldering, and squeezing the trigger all day long. I get to the shop and they hand me my rifle and the first thing I notice is a gouge on my Zeiss Conquest. I don't even check the trigger at that point. I begin to inspect the wood and lo and behold my stock is scratched all to he77 on the forend and on the right side of the action. I've never been so mad in my life. The rifle has never even been shot. I wouldn't care if I had made those marks, well I would, but you would expect that when you take your rifle in for smith work, you would get it back in the same shape you brought it in. They did, however, try to make it right. They are going to replace my scope with a new one and repair the blemishes. So I won't have it again for a couple more weeks.

The trigger job was absolutely perfect. Now if I could just shoot the thing!
Winchester Model 70 Stainless Left Hand .270 Win.
McMillan Edge
Talley Lightweights
Zeiss Victory Varipoint #60 Illuminated