Seriously! He's been in a Hendrick Car for how many years? Mark Martin won HOW MANY races in a Hendrick car? And his contract wasn't extended!

Kyle Busch won HOW MANY races in a HEndrick car? His contract wasn't extended!

Dale JR has won exactly 0, Zero, Cero, points races in a Hendrick car. Yet every week on TV they act like "this could be the week".

At what point as a car owner do you cut your ties and say "hey, I made a mistake, I thought you'd win, but you haven't, go drive for Ganassi.

I got $5 that says Kasey Khane will win in a Hendrick car before JR does.

Who's up for it?

And Martinsville is this week! JR's CLOSEST to winning track in like 5 years lol
"I aint goin back ta skewl Deddy, I just wanna race Deddy"