Got this one a couple weeks ago.. Well I did a couple stands at one location with no takers... I moved to a 2nd location and on my 1st stand I saw a pair coming in from a distance.. in hopes of a double I took the furthest shot 1st but couldn't connect on the 2nd coyote. I couldn't get on it quick enough and only took 1 running shot. Here's the view from my stand... the red lines show where they came from and the x's show where they stopped. The "X" on the right is the one I took.

She was DRT, with out a flinch. Here's where she was when I walked up.

I had started my call sequence with my open reed distress. Waited about 5 min's and a couple sequences with one of the enclosed reed calls I make. They liked that!

Yotehntr Calls ....put something pretty on your lips. ;\)