Got plenty of time on my hands I reckon right now.

I meant to post these here last week but posted them in another forum I think. I've got all these racks laying around, hanging in the shop or in boxes so I figured I'd do something with them. They are sorta like the buck stumps I've seen but I figured I could do something similiar without the $125 price tag, although the Buck Stumps look really nice.

5pt killed in 2000 in Alabama hunting with dogs.

Two 5pts and a 7pt all from Alabama in 1998 and 2000

6pt from TN in 1999 I think

Other two plaques are from 1998 and 2004 and I didn't do them.

I'm not tickled with the first stump I did (may redo it) and the plaque did on the 6pt looks good but I've got some other ideas for future plaques if I decide to play around with anymore. I've got one more 7pt I want to do a stump one on and my dad has two or three including one 10pt he wants me to do.

Here are some that Red Rider 450's dad did and they look real nice also. They are the stump cuts of a big cedar.


18" wide 7pt

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