Folks there are so many threads out here now on this topic that I've probably broken a multiple thread rule or something but it looks like we still need our Prayer Warriors..

Right now, with the bone flap out, Matthews head should really sink in on the right side - especially 10 days post surgery to remove flap.. It's not and he's having too many headaches.. CT's are showing mild Hydrocephalus / blockage of CSF flow from part trauma/scar tissue etc.. If we see ANY outward swelling we are immediately to be off to Vandy again.. Meds almost never help with this.. 2 surgeries can - one and most common is a permanent shunt and they stop up and cause infection + it's a valve and line under the skin on your head with a tube running down through your neck/chest/into your abdomen - for life. The other choice is Endoscopic third ventriculostomy which if need be will be our choice of surgery.. I cant begin to tell you how scared he is of this then yet another surgery coming 12 wks out if theres no infection left... I am so fearful of what the "limit" may be for my son.. He's SO sick with infection due to the last surgery and may need 2 more surgeries.... I am sick to a point of throwing up right now thinking about it.. I've slept a few hours tonight but stayed up and on the couch so I can hear him call out.. PRAYING God tells us / Shows us what we need to do so we make the right choices for our son!
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