Guys, just want to forewarn you.

I know, I know.. you don't need to tell me how stupid I am for thinking that a $89 scope would perform. is tempting to assume that a credible brand (F&S) would make a credible product (Turns out Dick's parent company bought F&S, now it makes sense)

ITs kind of like a car. I expect ALL cars, no matter how cheap, to go, stop, and not veer off the road.

I expect any scope near $100 to have cheaper lenses, etc. I do NOT expect one to fall to pieces due to recoil from a 30-06.

Couldn't hold a zero through the first box of ammo. Shell #20 blew the reticle all the way to the eyepeice and turned it sideways.

Dicks was very good about taking it back, and the manager even (upon my assistance) gave me a discount towards a new scope for the $25 box of shells I wasted trying to zero a scope that couldn't be zeroed.


Its worth the extra $50 or $60 to get a NIkon Prostaff or comparable scope.