i am using a barnett recurve 150# pull with 20" carbon arrows and carbon express torrid-ss 3 blade expandables 100gr. i have shot i think 5 deer found 3 of them one i hit high because i misjudged the distance found my arrow about 100yrds from where i shot covered in blood from tip to fletching but no pass thru and about 200yrds into blood trail looked like she laid down and stoped the bleeding only found 2 drops past where she laid down at.and the other that i didnt find i hit the should and only got about 2 or 3 inch penatration so i hope both deer survived.as for the 3 i have killed with it the arrows only went about half way in i think one barely broke other side of skin and the other 2 didnt make a exit wound. what is wrong here broadhead or what?