I don't know if anyone else has been watching camofire.com as much as I do but I kept on seeing gear from Core4Element that got me really interested in it. So much so that I bought a bunch and thought I would share my thoughts on the stuff.

One day I was sitting watching this documentary of a guy climbing Everest and noticed he had, what looked like, very little clothing on. That's when my eyes were opened up to what people are calling 'technical clothing'. It costs more than your typical setup, but it reduces bulk and comfort. Core4Element is in this genre.

I first bought the Core4Element Merino Wool pants and 1/4 zip top. Let me tell you, this stuff is awesome. Don't wear it unless the temps are < low 50's cause you will be too warm, especially if you stalking. It's wool and if you ever worn wool you know how warm it is. With the Merino Wool its super thin, warm, soft and not itchy and dries out fast so it doesnt get heavy like typical wool.

The second piece I bought was the Assault Mid-Weight Shirt. This shirt really turned me on to the Core4Element line. I love the quality of the stuff and fit. It's extremely thin but just the shirt alone has been 'just right' anywhere from 50 - 70 degree's. Anything below 50, I would throw the Merino on. It's anti-microbial so it helps with scent control as well. It's also good at wicking away misty rain and does a decent job at protecting from the wind.

After having the Mid-weight shirt for a few weeks I was already itching to try out the Element Jacket and Element Pants. This line of clothing is supposed to be on the same level as Sitka 90 gear with many reviews preferring the Core4Element line over the Sitka line. Keep in mind I have NEVER spent a lot of money on hunting clothes before so I had some major buyers remorse after pulling the trigger on the deal. But that was until I got it. As soon as I pulled it out of the package I was in love with the clothing.

The pants come with built in suspenders (and comes with the Talus belt usually on CamoFire.com). They also have built in removal kneepads in case you are stalking/kneeling a lot. I wore them the other night for the first time in the woods - it was a little warm walking in around noon carrying a stand, pack, and bow. But the pants have zippered vents that open up revealing a mesh vent on both inside thighs of the pants. The effect these vents have is amazing and help you cool down very quickly.

The jacket is super nice as well (it usually comes with the Stalker Beanie Cap when you get it from CamoFire.com). It has a deep chest pocket for holding a range finder or anything else you want readily available as well as a little zippered compartment on your arm (which I put my wind indicator thingy in and hunting license). The cuffs can tighten up via a velcro strap and the jacket has zip out vents (with no mesh) that go from under your pits to where your love handles would be if you have them (and i do).

Overall this stuff is quality.

If you watch CamoFire.com you can get some great deals on this stuff. If you have seen it and been holding out, I'm telling you if you can afford it - you will not regret it.

I'm probably going to end up getting the lightweight pants and shirt for early season. If its half as good as the stuff I have I am sure I will not regret it.

Again, the MRSP is pretty pricey but CamoFire usually is around 50% off at least. It still is more money than normal gear, but in this case the saying holds true - you get what you pay for.
Any time you can get out to hunt, is a good day to hunt.