Bought a Stryker (by Bowtech) Strykezone 380 four days ago. Shot really nice and very fast. This morning I cocked it and put a bolt in and took aim but when I pulled the trigger, there was a loud bang and rattle and when I looked up from the scope, there was a tangle of string hanging from the cams. I only have about 40-50 shots on the bow and I waxed the string and lubed the rails as recommended.
I took it back to Bass Pro and the tech says "oh, another Bowtech back with problems." Says he's sold 4 of the SZ 380's and 3 of them came back with problems in less than 30 days. He felt around with a plastic cable tie where the string sits when it's cocked and said there were some sharp edges in there, and he's seen it before on the Stryker Xbows. Said I could wait on another Strykezone 380 but he didn't know when they could get one, or I could use the credit towards another brand, or just get a refund.
He said Excalibur or 10 Point/Wicked Ridge are the only two brands he would spend his own money on. I don't like the width of the Excaliburs and he couldn't find any of the wicked ridge in the system, and didn't have a guess when they would get more in.
I took the refund and went by Everything Archery and got a Parker Hornet.
Wanted to see if Phil had any Wicked Ridge in at Shelby Forest Archery, but I've been by there 4 times in the last week and he's been closed every time. Probably off hunting somewhere.