Well this one here has been nicknamed "Ug", she is a Remington 700ML Smokeless conversion. This is why I've been on here looking to buy a 700ML, however I found one that somebody else was building and she was nearing completion, so I "pulled the trigger" so to speak. Here are her vitals:

*Remington 700ML SS bedded action, media-blasted to match barrel *McGowen .45 Barrel: 26" SS matte finish, 1-22 twist, 8 groove, 8 flute, 11 degree target crown with chamfer 1.200" for 5" then straight taper to .800@ 26"
*Callahan Machined Lug .186
*Savage breech plug
*Fluted bolt with SS bolt knob
*Hunter's bolt nose kit
*Ken Farrell base (bedded)
*BDL bottom metal with storage compartment for 2 loads and bullets
*Hogue Overmolded Stock in Ghillie Green

Looking for a safe investment in these uncertain times? Do what I'm doing...invest in lead, copper, brass, and U.S. steel.
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