Kimberman got permission to hunt a cattle farm in Deer Lodge yesterday and invited me to go. So far this year the coyotes have killed 3 calfs. We loaded up our TC Encores and put the 243 barrels on. We used a Cass Creek electronic predator call. We went to the first location and called for approx. 15 min then I spotted a yote running from right to left. About 5 min later we heard something sneaking up behind us. About 10 min passed and we never heard another step. We then changed locations and then walked up on a couple of deer. We called for about 15 min and nothing. We changed locations 2 more times with no results. We then found a fence row with a gravel road. We set up and called for about 10 min. Kimberman started walking down the fence line and then jumped something up on the other side of the gravel road. I continued to use the Cottontail wail on the caller and pointed my rifle in the direction I heard the noise. About 3 min passed and something caught my eye and the top of the hill to the right of the gravel road approx. 250 yds away. It was a coyote. I shouldered my Encore and hurriedly tried to find the target. Everything was blurry as I forgot to change the AO on my scope from 50 yards to 400 yds. I quickly adjusted the objective and cranked up the power to 14x. I found the coyote in about 3 seconds and then took aim with no hold over and squeezed the trigger. The TC Encore barked and propelled the 95 grain Fusion to its mark. The bullet entered in the left side of the neck and exited the right side of the neck with very little tissue damage. This is my first coyote. The land owners were very pleased and would like us to come back.
Winchester Model 70 Stainless Left Hand .270 Win.
McMillan Edge
Talley Lightweights
Zeiss Victory Varipoint #60 Illuminated