A few yrs ago I switched to powdered laundry detergent and had a bunch of the containers(22lb size) set aside to go to the recycling bid at the transfer station. One weekend we were headed out camping and I needed something to store the dog food in for a few days without taking the entire 50lb bag.

I eyeballed one of those containers and the uses have become endless ever since.................they measure 6.5 x 10 x 10.5 inches inside and have a sturdy handle for carrying them as well.

I even did some waterproof testing on one, I filled it with rocks and tied a rope to it and dropped in the creek out back for a week, it had a small amount of leakage, so I applied a small bead of silicone in the groove of the lid and retested...........bone dry. I was testing for burial purposes, as they hold a doz. plus boxes of 12 ga. ammo............you never know.

They are smaller than a 5 gal pail and stack nicely also.

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