About 15 yrs ago I was sick of using a stick or hunk of old 2x4 to run through the hind legs of a deer while hanging them, I had an idea of making a set of gambrels that were adjustable to various sized game and compact enough to travel and store. Well, after a few attempts, here is the final outcome.


Opened in the three locations I found to be useful to me, coyote to large whitetail sized game.

The ends are designed so when processing/quartering a deer and you split the hindquarters with the saw, it is hands free and neither hindquarter will tilt and fall off the gambrels, even if one side is taken off.

The entire thing is made from 1/4" x 1 1/2" flat bar steel with minimum welding. I have about $8.00 per set invested including the hitch clevis and harness ring.

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