I'm all for it, provided the construction site isn't plastered with No Trespassing signs. I hate to see whole bins full of 2x4s, 2x6s, plywood and other very useful stuff go to waste. Sometime I'll probably get a bunch to make a blind or treestand or something. A year or two ago I got some wood from a dumpster and used it to build a trailer for my bike. If I actually felt like dragging it out to the spot, I might use that trailer as a deer cart as well.

Anyway what are your thoughts on dumpster diving? I think some people don't like it or see it as theft, which I disagree with. The only reason not to dumpster dive (in my opinion) is if it's on property that's posted, and even then I might take the risk My way of thinking is "it's ok until someone tells you to stop" In other words, it's fair game unless someone who works at the site tells me they don't want people in the dumpsters. No signs, fair game...what do you think?