I recently refinished my turkey gun which was my grandpa's old Stevens model 94H. The stock is mounted to the breech/barrel via a really long screw. The stock has a pretty big/long hole where the screw is inserted and watching all these survival shows I figured why not put some survival items in this hidden compartment under the butt plate. I managed to cram a decent amount of helpful items in this small volume which includes:
-matches and striker
-3-500mg aspirin
-2 benadryl
-cotton squares for fire starting/bleeding
-4 small safety pins and rubberbands
-a small plastic bag to carry H2O
all this is in another plastic bag. The hole is only 3/4"dia. and maybe 5-6" long and contents could be varied but if the emergency ever arises(which I hope it doesn't) I will have a few things to help in a survival situation.